Emergenza - Amsterdam Semi-finals

Datum: 10 april 2010
Titel: Emergenza - Amsterdam Semi-finals
Locatie: P60
Stadsplein 100a 1180 AC Amstelveen

We spelen: 20:30 - 21:00
Deur open: 19:00
Meer info: http://www.p60.nl/index.php?pid=6&id=1504

We need your help! Enjoy our performance and vote for us - with enough of your votes we'll be playing in De Melkweg next!

The doors will open at 19:00, the first band will play at 19:30, and we'll play at 20:30.

You can buy tickets directly from us for only €10, We accept PayPal as well as bank transfer and cash on delivery.

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